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Hydraulic laminating plywood hot press machine


Nominal pressure(T) 600T
Into the board direction Transverse
Number of layers(layer) 15 layers
Layer spacing(mm) 70mm
Number of hot plates 16 pieces
hot plates size(mm) 1370*2700*52(double in double out)
Number of cylinder 2 pieces
Diameter(mm) 400


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Hydraulic laminating plywood hot press machine

Hydraulic laminating plywood hot press machine

Plywood hot press machine can also be  used for laminating melamine paper on finished plywood .Plywood is the ideal product widely used in all kinds of furniture,office supplies,

combination speaker , packaging exhibition and other industries. Main sections of plywood

production line include peeling section, veneer drying section,gluing section,prepress section,hot

press section, saw edge section, sanding section…..etc. The thickness range of plywood is generally the 8-18mm, board width is generally 915-1220mm. We can design and manufacture any

size according to users’ requirements.


Advantages of our products:

1.Strict controlling management of raw materials, the main frame is welded by standard steel plate.

2.Using domestic and international premium accessories and valve blocks of famous brand, greatly reducing the failure rate.

3.Reasonable structure, convenient operation, beautiful appearance, never cut corners to ensure product quality.

4. High degree autonomy, accessories machinery requiring most can be machined independently through our own production, achieve excellence

5.Timely service, product quality assured.

Hydraulic laminating plywood hot press machine

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Hydraulic laminating plywood hot press machine


Hydraulic laminating plywood hot press machine

Packaging & Shipping

1. Can you customize products for clients?

Yes, We can customize and produce woodworking machines according to the customer’s requirements or drawings.

2. How can we trust your factory?

We recommend that you come to our factory to see the goods, to verify the real situation of the products, and know more about our factory.


3.Why does the price often change?

The price depends on the latest prices of the raw materials.


4. What about the contract signing?

If you’re satisfied with the products and our service, you can sign the contract with us, pay the deposit. Then we’ll produce the machines as soon as possible. If you are far away, we can sign the contract by fax. We will ensure the quality of the products and the accessories are complete.


5. How about delivery?

when the product is ready, it can be delivered to you after your full payment. We’ll provide technical guidance.


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